10 Best Alternatives of Google Search

Google is one of the Biggest Search engines in the world and it is widely used in almost all countries. But Google does not keep your privacy private and track you and capture your data, which makes your privacy unsafe.

So, there are some Best Alternatives of Google which you might not know about, so today we are telling you 10 Best Alternatives of Google Search which you should also use instead of Google.

Best Alternatives of Google Search

1. DuckDuckGo

10 Best Alternatives of Google Search

DuckDuck is an amazing search engine which keeps the privacy of its users, DuckDuckGo collects its result from many different sources and also it does not track your searches. It shows results from Bing, Yandex and more, and display it to user privately, The Whole Search is an Open Source, you can also check its coding on GitHub.

Mozilla Firefox also added this as a Search Engine for users. Its proxy-based search engine Means that the user’s search queries are left untracked. It also has a Voice Seach just like Google.

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2. Bing

10 Best Alternatives of Google Search

Bing is a beautiful search engine, it has an Image-changing system which means it changes the images which you see when you searching for something. Bing is another best alternative to Google. Bing also has some extra features which are Operating Calculations, Quick Sports Scores, Flight Tracking, Product shopping and even more.

Bing also has Bing Ads, Bing Finance, Bing Events. However, Bing ads are not annoying as compared to Google Ads.

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3. Yahoo Search

10 Best Alternatives of Google Search

After integrating with Microsoft, Yahoo Search results are entirely controlled by Bing, it provides results in 38 International Languages. Yahoo also has Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Answer which are very handy if you are seeking knowledge in that particular area. 

The search results are good and it is also one of the best alternatives of Google. The Seach Page is quite simple to use and it is user-friendly.

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4. Qwant 

10 Best Alternatives of Google Search

Qwant is another great search engine that ensures to keep the privacy of users private. Qwant has also some great features which are “Quick Search Shortcuts” which lets you quickly search for content and products on specific websites like YouTube, Amazon, Google, etc.

Qwant is User-Friendly and very simple to use, it has a very minimalist design which makes it different from other search engines and its search results are very accurate.

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5. Yandex

10 Best Alternatives of Google Search

Yandex is another great option to use as an alternative. It has over 150 Million search queries operated per day. It is one of the largest search engines in the world and a leading search engine in Russia, as the company is based on Russia.

The Company ensures you keep your privacy private and the data is not accessible to anyone. Also, I really like the design of the site, it looks very nice. You also have 7 different options on the site such as Mail, Images, Video, Maps, App Metrica, Translate and Browser.

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6. Dogpile

10 Best Alternatives of Google Search

Dogpile is one of the oldest search engines which we use to search Images, Links and Videos, and more. Dogpile search results based on other search engine results like Google, Yandex, Yahoo Search.

Dogpile website looks very retro from the ’90s. But still working like charm. You should definitely check this site out.

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7. StartPage

10 Best Alternatives of Google Search

StartPage is the World’s safest Browser as it keeps your privacy private and its data is not accessible by anyone. It also does not let anyone track the users. It also brings a feature known as “Anonymous View” which protects users from websites when they click on any search result.

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8. Seach Encrypt

10 Best Alternatives of Google Search

Search Encrypt is another great browser you should be using, it not only blocks tracker to track you but also local encryptions to protect your searches and keep you safe. It uses a 256 Bit Encryption for users protection.

The data is not accessible by anyone to keep you totally safe from Hackers and Spammers. They also offer Map and Video Searches to the users. You should also try this one out.

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9. Ask.com

Best Alternatives of Google Search

Ask.com is a question-answer community in which you can found your question’s answer. It closes for users who want to do a web search and became a question-answer community.

You can find all your queries from Business to Art & Literature. The data is here are human-edited which means it is better than bots and crawlers, the data is also well organized in the site.

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10. Internet Archive

Best Alternatives of Google Search

This is the last search engine of this list. It is certainly not a search engine but you can find all iterations of a site here. Apart from the Iterations of a Website, the Internet Archive is also a great source for Tones of public books, software, movies, music, videos, images, and much more.

It crawls other websites to get information for what you entered in the site. It is a non-profit library that provides everything like Novels, Books, Movies, Music for Free.

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So, That’s it for this list, we hope you like this list of Best Alternatives of Google Search. Share this article with your Friends and Family, so they can also know about the Best Alternatives of Google Search, they should also use. If you have any suggestion you can let us know in the comment section below.

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