8 Best Truecaller Alternatives You Should See

Let’s talk about Truecaller, Great App I know, but you know what? It has privacy issues not with me but maybe with you too. It collects way too much data which it shouldn’t. But that’s not a problem because in this article I will tell you 8 Best Truecaller Alternatives which you should see right now.

Now, some of you ask me why would we even use these alternatives, Truecaller is a great app, we loved it even now, but one thing I should tell you is that, as I mentioned it has privacy issues and also it is now a bit outdated, the truecaller alternatives I will tell you are modern. You should check them out too.

Note: The apps mentioned in this list are both Free and Paid.

Best Truecaller Alternatives

1. Mr. Number

8 Best Truecaller Alternatives You Should See

Good Name, Huh? Mr. Number is the first app on this list. This app does its job right. What it does is, it identifies the unknown number on your phone and it also blocks spam calls. You can even set some parameters to block a call which is quite good like you can set a country from which you don’t want a call to block.

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It also brings other features of Truecaller as well including blocking spam company numbers and even more. You should definitely give it a try.

Download: Mr. Number

2. Calls Blacklist Pro

8 Best Truecaller Alternatives You Should See

This app not only block calls but also it blocks fake SMS too. You can even add numbers to its blocklist if your phone does not have that feature. There is also an option named as Blacklist so you can manage all your numbers there.

This app is paid and its priced at Rs. 29. Its a One Time Payment and you can use the app forever. There is also a Free Version of the app. You can use that before buying the Pro Version.

Download: Calls Blacklist Pro

3. CallApp

8 Best Truecaller Alternatives You Should See

This app is very very similar to the Truecaller as it is an all-purpose Caller ID App. This app is a bit different from the rest of the apps I mentioned above because it has also functionality to record calls. The recording can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls.

We should don’t forget this as well that this app also does other things as well as blocking spam numbers and identifying unknown numbers. This app is free to use.

Download: CallApp

4. Hiya

8 Best Truecaller Alternatives You Should See

This app was made by the same developer who made Mr. Number. This app also blocks all unwanted calls and messages you don’t wish to receive. Hiya also has a feature named ‘Reverse phone lookup’ which in my opinion is pretty useful I also use this on my phone. This app is completely free to use plus it does not contain any ads which most of us don’t even like to see.

You should check out this app too cause it’s free to use and don’t show ads which most of the apps in the list do.

Download: Hiya

5. Eyecon

8 Best Truecaller Alternatives You Should See

The Name of the app is interesting, isn’t it? This app also does the same thing as the other apps on this list do. This app will show you an unknown number’s name and profile picture and blocks unknown and spammy numbers. The app can also sync with social media apps like Facebook to show your contact’s real photo.

One thing I don’t like about the app that it has a short database than Truecaller which means that it can’t consistently tell you all the names of the unknown number you search on it which is a major drawback of this app but overall it’s good.

Download: Eyecon

6. Showcaller

8 Best Truecaller Alternatives You Should See

Showcaller is another alternative app of Truecaller on this list. One amazing thing about this app is that it consumes less battery and storage as its less than 4MB. This app also blocks spam calls and identifies unknown numbers. What this app does, it does its best.

Another good thing about the app that it has an offline database means there is no internet required to search unknown numbers which is the most unique thing about this app. You should check this app too.

Download: Showcaller

7. Whoscall

Truecaller Alternatives

The Second last app on this list is Whoscall. This app also has an Offline Database which you can find helpful if you are running out of the internet. Other features of the app are blocking spam numbers, identifying unknown numbers and more.

This app has a good rating on the Google Play Store and it has downloaded more than 70 Million globally. It is worth to give it a try.

Download: Whoscall

8. Callblock

Truecaller Alternatives

The name says it all, this app is last on this list. The major drawback of this app is that it is only available for iOS devices. But no problem, you can download other apps on this list because all of them are available for android except this.

This app also does the same thing as other apps do like blocking spam numbers and more. What it can’t do is that it can’t identify unknown numbers as it is not a Caller ID app. This app is specialized in Blocking spam numbers and hence it is not even free but you do get a 30 Day Free Trial which is kinda okay.

Download: Callblock


Here are all the Truecaller Alternatives that I find the best according to my user experience. Hope you liked this post. Share this article with your friends and family so they can also be able to use these Truecaller Alternatives.

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