Deal: Google Home Mini Available on the Cheapest Price

Are you looking for any home appliance to make your Home Look Feature, Feel better? Wait no more, today we are going to tell you about the Google Home Mini which is on an offer on Flipkart.


  • Voice-controlled WiFi Speaker for Home
  • Play Music from Popular Streaming Services
  • Control Other Smart Devices in Home
  • Works with Up to 6 Users with Personalised Settings.
  • You can Ask Questions
  • Small & Compact
  • Weight: 173 g
  • 1 Year Warranty


If we look at the uses of this small mini gadgets, then I will tell you 5 Most Amazing Uses of this device. All the points are listed below.

1. You can ask Questions

You can ask many types of questions from this Gadget, Let’s Suppose you can ask about the weather, What’s the latest News, What is the time in New York, etc. There are many aspects of asking a question from this gadget.

2. Small and Compact

This is really Obvious Question if we look, this is one of the smallest and Compact devices ever made, you can put it anywhere in a small little place and you can operate it from there just by your voice, As SImple as that.

3. Works with Up to 6 UsersĀ 

The gadget work with up to 6 Users, it means that 6 User can operate it from the same time and place which is very convenient.

4. Voice Controlled

As I mentioned earlier you can operate it with your voice, and it works great. It understands many different languages. So, it’s easy to communicate with it.

5. You can Play Music

This one is also very obvious, Basically, you can play any type of music from it, it is also a mini speaker for your home, which is an excellent thing.


There is also an offer going on right now as we are writing this article, If you pay using any HDFC Credit/Debit Card then you can get up to 10% Off Discount at the time of purchasing the device.

If you don’t have any HDFC Credit/Debit card but have an Axis Bank Buzz Card you can get 5% Off Discount on purchasing the Google Home Mini.


Should you Buy it?

Well, it depends if you need to make your home smart then we definitely recommend this product and if you want better Specs and Features you can go For Google Home (The Bigger Google Home). If you don’t want to buy this gadget then it’s absolutely Alright.

Buy Now: Google Home Mini


Aman Kawatra
Aman Kawatra is the Founder of Techish Eagle back in September 2017. He Really Enjoys Gadgets and Electronics.

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