Flickr Alternatives: Top 12 Sites like for Sharing Photos

Time has been changed a lot from printing photos physically to uploading it to social media. Lots of things come and go but the digital age of photography is still alive. People used to take photos from their small digital camera back in the times and give the photos to a Photo Expert to print them and return to them.

There was one platform that was around to share photos on the Internet and it’s called Flickr. The Platform is great for sharing photos and let other people see them. But after the recent policy changes of Flickr as it is being acquired by Yahoo.

But there is always an end of something and it happens with Flickr too. There are many other platforms like Flickr that came and provides better features, more storage, better mobile experience, etc and take the lead from Flickr.

Yes, there are sites like which exist. And in this article, I am going to tell you about those Great Flickr Alternatives which provide better features and experience to their users. So, here are the Top 12 Flickr Alternatives.

What is Flickr?

Flickr Alternatives
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Flickr is like a Social Media app where people can share their photos with other people. You can use the app to upload photos and also there are some editing features in the app to edit photos.

Reasons Why You should use these Flickr Alternatives?

There are many reasons why you should use these Flickr Alternatives that I mentioning in this list. After its sellout to Yahoo, many people starting disliking the platform because Flickr does not focus on developing its platform with the sequence of time.

They only Focus on integrating with other companies which made people leave the platform forever. So, here are the major reasons Why you should use these Flickr Alternatives.

  • The Website Interface is not like a Photo Sharing Site.
  • Flickr stopped developing its platform.
  • Flickr has fewer features compared to its competitors
  • If someone has More than 1000 Photos, then they will be automatically deleted.


Top 12 Flickr Alternatives

1.   SmugMug

Flickr Alternatives

SmugMug is the best premium photo-sharing website on this list. That’s why its Ranked No. 1 on this list of Flickr Alternatives. This website is specially made for Pro Photographers and Artists as this website provides Unlimited Storage, Responsive Layouts, Digital Store Front, themes for your digital storefront, etc. The Website also allows users to upload GIFs and Videos to the site.

As I mentioned earlier, its a premium photo sharing so there is a membership that you can buy to use this website and the Membership starts from $5 per month and it extends to $35 per month.

If you are a pro photographer or an artist then I will highly recommend this website for you as it offers great features which are mentioned below.

Features of SmugMug

  • Provides Unlimited Storage
  • Allow users to upload Video and GIF
  • Responsive Layouts
  • Digital StoreFront
  • Provides Awesome User Experience
  • Right-Click Image Protection

Check out: SmugMug

2. Instagram

Flickr Alternatives: Top 12 Sites like for Sharing Photos

Instagram is the No. 1 photo-sharing website that is completely Free to use and it is owned by Facebook. It was first introduced in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. This app or platform allows users to upload photos, videos and GIFs and also there are many useful options to edit those photos.

There is also a Web-Version of Instagram but there is only feature missing which is Direct Message. You can’t direct message people with the web version of Instagram. It is one of the fastest-growing apps in the world. There is also an option to add stories in which you can upload either a photo or a 15-second long video.

I don’t have to even tell you to check out this website or app because most of you are already using it for a very long time. So, now let’s talk about the features of Instagram.

Features of Instagram

  • Amazing Mobile Application
  • Unlimited Storage Option
  • Completely Free to use
  • Used by More than One Billion People
  • Has useful Editing Features
  • Individual User Profile
  • Has features like Story, 30 Second Videos, Filters, Tags, Explore

Check out: Instagram

3. 500px

Flickr Alternatives

500px is another great Flickr Alternative which helps you to store and share photos online. The website allows users to upload photos from their own devices, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, and other platforms. There are both free and paid plans for 500px. In the free plan, users can upload 20 photos every week and in the paid plan they can upload unlimited photos and the plan starts from $25 annually.

The website is also quite pretty and user friendly which attracts pro photographers from all over the world. The website has features like Commenting on Other Photos, Good Album Layout, a better community, etc. Also, there is one thing I like about the website is that users can earn money even in Free plan when their photo was used by someone which is amazing in my opinion.

In the Pro plan, there is also a feature of Google Analytics integration to track the statistics of the account. Let’s talk about the Main Features of 500px.

Features of 500px

  • Amazing Website Interface
  • Comment System
  • User Voting System
  • Unlimited Storage (Pro Plan)
  • Mobile-Friendly Application

Check out: 500px

4. Facebook

Flickr Alternatives: Top 12 Sites like for Sharing Photos

We all know that Facebook is the most widely used social media platform but the thing most of us don’t even know that it is a photo-sharing website too, that’s why I have included this as one of the Flickr Alternatives. Facebook has all the features which make it a site like

It has features like Tag System (Similar to Instagram), Comment System, Friends System, Facial Recognition Feature to easily tag friends, Unlimited Storage, Free of Cost, Millions of Users join every year and it has the most advanced privacy system compared to other Flickr Alternatives on this list.

Also, I don’t have to tell you to join this platform as you may already have an account on Facebook. So, now let’s talk about the Features of Facebook.

Features of Facebook

  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Best-in-Class Website & Mobile Application
  • Advanced Privacy System
  • Free to use
  • Millions of Users
  • User Commenting System
  • Friends System
  • Tag and Facial Recognition System

Check out: Facebook

5. Imgur

Flickr Alternatives: Top 12 Sites like for Sharing Photos

Imgur is not just a photo-sharing site but also a Meme and Cat Pictures sharing site as it has a lot of memes and cat pictures. The website is mostly used by Members and Beginners Photographers who share images on the site. Imgur has many features like Private Photo Albums, Upvote/downvote and favorite system, Unlimited Photo storage for absolutely free of cost.

This platform is not behind in anything as compared to Flickr and other platforms. It is now more like a social media platform. You should definitely take a look at this site if you haven’t. Now, let’s talk about the features of Imgur.

Features of Imgur

  • Unlimited Photo Storage
  • Free of Cost
  • Upvote/Downvote System
  • Amazing website
  • Provides good user experience

Check out: Imgur

6. Google Photos

Flickr Alternatives: Top 12 Sites like for Sharing Photos

Google has also taken part in the making of a Photo Sharing Website. The Google photos are originated from Google+ which is now discontinued. One best thing about Google Photos is that you can access all photos from whichever device you are using because it organizes all the photos and videos from all your devices and make it accessible for all devices which is a great feature.

It provides features like Unlimited Photos & Videos uploading to google photos, can access photos & videos on all devices, Photo editing tools, Free of cost, etc. There are both paid and free plans to use Google Photos. You can use the paid version if you like your images not to be compressed.

Features of Google Photos

  • Unlimited Photos & Videos
  • Free of Cost
  • User-Friendly Mobile App and Website
  • Best-in-Class Photo Organiser
  • Useful Photo editing tools
  • Give access to photos and videos to all devices

Check out: Google Photos

7. iCloud

Flickr Alternatives: Top 12 Sites like for Sharing Photos

Apple also has a Photo Sharing Service which is the iCloud Photo Library. It is purely based on iCloud Cloud Services by Apple. This is helpful if you are completing an Apple user because it lets you sync all your photos, videos, music, documents, and other files throughout the Apple devices.

iCloud Photo Library also has a feature that allows creating a shared library that involves your friends and family. There are other features including Drag and Drop Management, Photo organizer, 5GB Storage, etc. The free plan lets you store 5GB of photos and videos you can also extend it even further by purchasing their premium plan. One bad thing about the Apple iCloud is that it is only available for Apple users.

Features of iCloud

  • Syncing across all Apple Devices
  • 5GB Storage
  • Photo Organiser
  • Drag & Drop Management

Check out: iCloud

8. Photobucket

Flickr Alternatives: Top 12 Sites like for Sharing Photos

Photobucket is one of the biggest photo-sharing websites in the world as it has over 10 Billion images on the site and 100 Million users registered on the site. It is also one of the best Flickr Alternatives as well. On the website, users can upload photos and videos from their computer, mobile, Facebook, or URLs. There is both free and paid plan on the site.

The free plan gives a user 2GB of Storage and if he/she want to upgrade then they can purchase the site’s premium plan which starts from $2.99 per month and up to $39.99 per month. There is also a very advanced privacy system on Photobucket just like Facebook.

It has many features like 2GB storage, Advanced Privacy System, Categories, Option to print photos, etc. Now, let’s talk about the main features of the site.

  • 2GB Storage
  • Advanced Privacy System
  • Categories System
  • Option to Print photos

Check out: Photobucket

9. Tumblr

Flickr Alternatives: Top 12 Sites like for Sharing Photos

Tumblr is another great site for photo sharing also, this is not just a photo-sharing site but also a Microblogging and Social Media site too. The Site was founded in 2007 by David Karp. It is also one of the fastest-growing sites in the world as of 2016 it has over 500 Million users who are using this site.

In the site, users can upload photos, videos, GIFs in a blog format for absolutely free of cost. You can also follow other users too on the website and also post your content on the site. Let’s talk about some features of the site.

Features of Tumblr

  • User-Friendly site
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Free of cost
  • Post photos, videos, GIFs in a blog format

Check out: Tumblr

10. Unsplash

Flickr Alternatives: Top 12 Sites like for Sharing Photos

Unsplash is a great website to share photos and to inspire from other photographers, this website is a home of Great Photos or I should say Amazing photos if you don’t believe me then you can check yourself. It is a free website where you can get stock photos and upload your own too.

There is no limit of storage on this website and it works a bit differently as you can’t organize your photos properly but you do have an option to collect photos and the site makes that collection an album. You can also browse images by Collections, it is basically like categories. So, you should take a look at this photo-sharing site too.

Features of Unsplash

  • Free of Cost
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Amazing Photo Collections
  • Thousands of Users
  • You can browse photos by Collections

Check out: Unsplash

11. Pixabay

Flickr Alternatives: Top 12 Sites like for Sharing Photos

This website is also very similar to Unsplash and Pexels but on this site, you can also upload videos which is a great thing about this site. On the site, there are more than 1.7 Million images and videos that are shared by its users. And also they are completely free to use. You can also upload your photos and videos for free, and the site provides unlimited storage, free stock photos, vectors, etc.

The site is available in many different languages, you can change the language from the footer of the site. You should take a look at this site too. Now, let’s talk about its features.

Features of Pixabay

  • Free of cost
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Amazing photo collections
  • Also has an option of uploading videos

Check out: Pixabay

12. ThisLife

Sites like

This is the list Flickr Alternative of this list. ThisLife is also a great website for photo-sharing and it was owned by Shutterfly. This platform helps you to organize all your photos from many different places to one place. So, you can use this platform to organize all your photos from your social media accounts and keep it in ThisLife.

It has many features like Tags Importing, Facial Recognition, Timeline View, Slideshows, etc. Also, there is both free and paid membership which depends upon the user what we want. Its premium membership starts from $19.99 per year. So, now let’s talk about its features.

Features of ThisLife

  • Free of Cost
  • Facial Recognition
  • Automatic Tag Importer
  • Advanced Search
  • Slideshows

Check out: ThisLife

FAQ on Flickr Alternatives

Q1. Is Flickr the Best Photo Sharing Site?

No, not now. After Flickr was acquired by Yahoo, they have stopped working on developing themselves that makes opposition websites get far away in terms of features, performance, User experience, etc. Here are our top picks of Best Photo Sharing Sites. The websites that are mentioned below are chosen from the list above.

  • Instagram
  • SmugMug
  • Google Photos
  • Facebook
  • 500px

Q2. Is Flickr still Free?

No, not now, they have ended the 1TB storage plan for Free users and limit the Free users to 1000 photos. If someone with a free plan has more than 1000 photos, either he has to upgrade the plan or the photos will be automatically deleted.

Q3. What is the Easiest Photo Sharing Site?

Here are some of our top picks of Easiest Photo sharing sites.

  • 500px
  • Google Photos
  • SmugMug
  • Imgur
  • Photobucket


Here are some of the Best Flickr Alternatives that I found best on the internet. You can choose any of these, just make sure it fills your all requirements because you are paying for a service which should satisfy your needs and requirements.

So, here is the list of Best Flickr Alternatives. I hope you like this list. If you do then share it with your friends and family so they can also know about these Flickr Alternatives.

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