How to Edit Comment on Instagram (2020)

Today, most of us use this popular social media app Instagram. And in this app, we all can comment on other people’s post which is obvious and sometimes while typing the comment we all do some type of mistake which we can edit even after posting the comment. So, in this article, we will know how to edit comment on Instagram.

We will get to know that how to edit comments on other’s post and we will also know how you can disable comments on your own posts which will help us to get away from spam or hateful comments.

Note: One thing you have to note that we can’t edit the comment directly but don’t worry we can do this indirectly.

How to Edit Comment on Instagram

1. Find your Comment

After you post your comment, you might close the app or you might scroll down to another post, so what you have to do find that post on which you commented and find that comment.

2. Tap on the Comment

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After you find the comment, just tap on that comment for 1-2 seconds.

3. Delete the Comment

How to Edit a Comment on Instagram

After tapping on the comment for 1-2 seconds, the comment will be highlighted in blue color then what you have to do you have to delete the comment, to do that there will be a trash icon appear on the top right corner you have to click on that and just delete the comment.

4. Post a new comment

How to Edit Comment on Instagram

After deleting the comment, just post a new comment and that’s how you edit the comment on Instagram.

How to Disable Comments on your Posts

Step 1. Find the post 

How to Edit a Comment on Instagram

The first step is to find the post on which you have to disable the comments. Now, I know we have to do this individually on every post we want. After finding the post just click on the three dots beside your username.

Step 2. Click on Turn off Commenting

How to Edit Comment on Instagram

After clicking on the three dots, a whole bunch of options appear on your screen, you just have to click on Turn Off Commenting.

And nobody can comment on your post. It’s very easy to do this. Anybody can do this.


So, here is the guide on how to edit comment on Instagram, I tried to explain the steps as easily as I can. I hope you like the post. Share it with your family and friends.

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