How to Edit Portraits Amazingly in Lightroom with Just One Click

Hey, today in this Small Article I am going to show How you can edit Portraits in Lightroom with just one click of your Mouse. Today we are releasing our 5 Amazing Presets Pack which is specially designed for Portraits.

Here Are Some Examples: 

Techish Eagle Techish Eagle How to Edit Portraits

This Presets Pack contains 5 Magical Presets which make your Photo look Amazing. You can buy and download them from Here. Now, I will tell you what each preset is used for.

1. Dominar: Dominar Preset is used for Giving your photo a blackish look which seems trending nowadays. I saw many photographers used this style to make their photos look unique.

2. Arena: Arena Preset is used for giving your photo an Urban Look which most of the photographers are using in their photo.

3. Blacky: As the name suggests, this preset is used to give your photos a unique type of Black Look which looks amazing on Portraits.

4. Teal & Orange: This one is the most common preset which most of the photographers are using and this preset is originated from Sam Kolder Photos and Videos. So I also included this Preset too.

5. Twinner: Twinner is preset which gives your photos a dual-color look which is really unique and uncommon. Not every photographer uses this so that’s why I included this Preset too.

The Presets Pack is available at a very cheap price which is just Rs. 100/$1.40 (estimated) so everybody can afford it and buy it and use it.

You can buy the Presets from Here.

Aman Kawatra
Aman Kawatra is the Founder of Techish Eagle back in September 2017. He Really Enjoys Gadgets and Electronics.

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