How to Make Vector in Photoshop CC | Best Method (2020)

So, You wanna know the simple trick to convert an image into a Vector in Photoshop CC, So, today we are going to tell you the simple and very easy trick for how to make vector in Photoshop CC.

How to Make Vector in Photoshop CC

1. Open Photoshop

The first thing you wanna do is Open Photoshop CC and Import your Image in it. In this tutorial we are using the Photoshop CC 2019, you can any CC Version of the Photoshop.

2. Change the Image Size

So after opening Photoshop and importing your image into it, the second thing you wanna do is Go to Image Tab and Then Go to Image Size, you can also Press Alt+Ctrl+I that is the shortcut for going to the image tab.

How to Make Vector in Photoshop

Now after opening the Image Size from the Image tab, the third thing you wanna do is change the height of your image to 2000 Pixels. (This is an important Step) and make sure that the Resolution of the image is 300 Pixels/Inch.

4. Isolate the Image from Background

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Now, the fourth thing you have to do is cut the image object from the Background, you can use any tool such as Pen Tool, Quick Selection Tool or the Magic Wand Tool, in this tutorial I am using the Quick Selection Tool to quickly separate the background and the object.

How to Make Vector in Photoshop

As you can see, we have cut the object from the background with just using the Quick Selection tool. To do the same thing we do, you have to select the Quick Selection Tool and Click on Select Subject to cut the object from the background, this is the easiest and fastest method to cut the background.

5. Vectorizing the Image

How to Make Vector in Photoshop

Now, the fifth you have to do is, go to Filters, then Hover over Stylize and Select Oil Paint. If you are using the Old Version of Photoshop then what you have to do is, Go to Filter Tab and Select Oil Paint from there.

How to Make Vector in Photoshop

Now for turning the object into a Vector, this is the fifth Step you have to do, Copy All the Settings from the image above or do it from here manually, Change the Stylization to 5, Cleanliness to 4, Scale to 3, Bristle Detail to 4, Angle to 0, Shine to 0.2 and just click Okay.

How to Make Vector in Photoshop

Now, what you have to do is Desaturate the image, To do that you just have to go Image Tab and hover over Adjustments and Select Desaturate. You can also do that by just clicking Shift+Ctrl+U your keyboard.

How to Make Vector in Photoshop CC | Best Method (2020)

Now, Click on the Small Circle, as you can see in the image above, now Select Levels from there.

How to Make Vector in Photoshop

After opening Levels Now what you have to do is make a layer mask of the Level’s Layer and again go to that small symbol and add a Posterize Layer. Now change the Posterize Level to 4. So, It shows only 4 colors of the object.

Now go to Level Layer again and change the Levels according to your image, if you increase the Highlights your image will look Bright and if you increase the Shadows your image will look Dark.

How to Make Vector in Photoshop

Now, in our case, I increased the Highlights which decrease black color and increase white color in the object. You can see the image above the Paragraph. Now after doing that, you just have to merge the layers into one layer.

Now Apply Oil Paint again from the Filters, This time change the Stylization to 10 and Cleanliness to and leave everything as it is before and just press Okay.

How to Make Vector in Photoshop

Now, We have to select each color of the layer to paint it, we have selected the Posterize level to 4, so we have to these steps 4 times, all the things are easy and Repetitive. Now for Vectorizing everything, what you have to do is, just select the First layer and Double click on it to go to the Blending Options of the layer. Go under the Blending if options and increase or decrease the slider to increase or decrease the white or black color in the object layer.

Now we have to make a new layer of each color, for that what you have to is select the Layer Thumbnail by Holding Ctrl, after doing that you have to click Ctrl+J to make a new color layer.

Now, After Making all the layers, what you have to do Double Click on each layer and go to Color Overlay to color the object you can choose any color you want. You have to color each layer to make it look good. After doing all the steps, you successfully turn your image into a Vector just by using Photoshop.

How to Make Vector in Photoshop

This is the Vector of the object we created in this Tutorial, Hope you like this Tutorial, You can share it with your friends and Family, So they can also know how to make Vectors in Photoshop. If you have any suggestions let us know in the comment section below.

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