SoundCloud Alternatives: 11 Best Alternatives to SoundCloud

SoundCloud has been in the game for a very long time. They have provided Indie Music all over the world. Also, It is the Biggest Indie Music Platform in which users can upload their own music on the platform.

In the Platform, people can engage with their favorite artists by Following them, liking their music, and commenting on their music. Also, it is effortless for artists and musicians to upload their tracks very easily on SoundCloud other than Spotify and other music listening platforms.

But Many of the users complain about Soundcloud because of their plain user interface, not featuring new content, missing the auto-off button on playlists, and more. That’s why you are searching on the web for “SoundCloud Alternatives.”

Today in this fresh article, I am going to tell you about the Best SoundCloud Alternatives that you can use instead of SoundCloud. Most of these platforms are free, and some of them are paid. So, read this article till the end to know all of the SoundCloud Alternatives.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud Alternatives: 11 Best Alternatives to SoundCloud
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SoundCloud is a German-Based Music Sharing website which was founded in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. It helps the artist to upload, promote, and share their audio with their audiences.

On SoundCloud, there are over 190 Million Tracks and 20 Million Creators from 190 Countries of the world. On SoundCloud, you can Be a Listener, a Creator, or a Curator. SoundCloud has given fierce competition to many music listening platforms such as Spotify.

Best SoundCloud Alternatives

1. Groove Music

SoundCloud Alternatives: 11 Best Alternatives to SoundCloud

Groove Music is a platform by Microsoft itself. You can find it on Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. It is an ad-free music service in which you can listen to thousands of music tracks by just paying a small fee. There is also a radio station in the platform which allows user to listen to the radio service whenever and wherever they want.

One good thing about this service is that it allows you to download the music on your local device like your PC, Windows Phone, etc so that you can listen to it offline. Also, it also has integration with OneDrive (as both of them are products of Microsoft) which allows users to sync their music library across all their devices.

One major disadvantage it has over SoundCloud that there is no option to upload your own music on the platform. We Ranked it on the first number to inform you that it is one of the biggest music listening platforms in the world with thousands of tracks. Now, let’s talk about some of its best features.

Features of Groove Music

  • Ad-Free Music
  • Available for Many Platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Has Thousands of Music Tracks
  • Allows the user to sync their music library

Cons of Groove Music

  • Upload Options not Available
  • Paid Service

Price: Free & Paid ($9.99/Month)

Check out: Groove Music

2. Spotify

Best SoundCloud Alternatives

Spotify is one of the best SoundCloud Alternatives on this list. Also, it is the most famous music service on the planet which is used by millions of people. It also allows users to engage with their favorite artists by following them, add their music on their own playlist.

Spotify also features Original Content on the platform, whether it is a music track or a podcast. Its interface is much better than SoundCloud’s plain interface, which changes the way people listen to music online. Spotify also features one of the most potent search, which helps the user to find their desired music, albums, genre, etc.

Spotify is also both free and paid. But I really like the Free Version as it has almost everything I need. The Paid plan includes Offline Playback, No Ads, Syncing across all devices, and more. Spotify is available for most of the main streams platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Web Player, Xbox, TV.

Features of Spotify

  • Powerful Search
  • Amazing User Experience
  • Free version Available
  • Available for Many Platforms
  • Syncing Options Available

Cons of Spotify

  • Not Available Worldwide

Price: Free & Paid

Check out: Spotify

3. Bandcamp

Alternatives to SoundCloud

Bandcamp is another great SoundCloud Alternative. It is also an old platform that has been in the game for more than a decade. It allows user to create their own microsite just after signing up on Bandcamp where they can do anything from uploading their music to promote the music.

You can also customize your microsite after you create it which is a great feature that SoundCloud does not offer. And if we talk about the flip side, you can listen to all the music of your favorite artists for free and you can even support them by buying their full albums or just individual tracks. You can even donate them if you want to which SoundCloud does not provide.

And if we talk about the creators who have to pay a yearly fee to upload their music on SoundCloud but in this platform, they don’t have to do that instead Bandcamp charges a 15% Commission of the sales of your albums and tracks and when you reach a certain threshold they decrease the commission to 10%.

Features of Bandcamp

  • Great User Interface
  • No yearly Fees
  • Donation option available
  • Free Downloads
  • Customization Options Available or Creators

Cons of Bandcamp

  • Not Available for Windows, macOS and other main platforms

Price: Free

Check Out: Bandcamp

4. HearThis

SoundCloud Alternative

HearThis calls themselves “The Best SoundCloud Alternative” but if we look at the service in real life they offer loads of features on their platform which does compete with SoundCloud and its other competitors.

They have features like Profile Pages; Users can like the tracks, Sharing, Feeds, and a lot more. There is also one additional feature called “Maps” that let users know about the local music scene. Their also a feature that lets you import your SoundCloud Profile to HearThis which is awesome.

There is also one more feature in the service called “Groups” which was once there in SoundCloud too. If you are a creator then you can also sell your music directly to your fans. You can sort your feed by the length of the tracks, or the genre which is another advantage of over SoundCloud.

Features of HearThis

  • Offers lots of features
  • High-Quality Music
  • Has Importing your Profile feature from SoundCloud
  • Has a feature called Groups
  • Sorting of Feed
  • Free Service Also Available

Cons of HearThis

  • Not Available as a Player

Pricing: Free & Paid (€4/month)

Check out: HearThis

5. MixCloud

SoundCloud Alternatives: 11 Best Alternatives to SoundCloud

MixCloud is also a Great SoundCloud Alternative, which mostly focuses on Podcasters, Hosts, and more. MixCloud does not allow any user to upload the full album, but instead, they only allowed them to upload one track at a time.

MixCloud does not have many features if we compared it to MixCloud but it focuses mostly on original content. There is no engagement between the creators and listeners which is a disadvantage over SoundCloud. But the good thing about this service is you can search your favorite artist on the search bar of this platform.

If you are a podcast or talk show lover, then I highly recommend checking this out, but if you are a creator or someone who loves to listen to music instead, then this platform is not for you. Now let’s take a look at some of the features and cons of MixCloud.

Features of MixCloud

  • Features Original Content
  • Only for those who love Podcasts and Talk Shows
  • Simple to use website

Cons of MixCloud

  • Not for Music Lovers
  • No Engagement between creators and listeners
  • Not many features

Price: Free & Paid ($15/month)

Check Out: MixCloud

6. YungCloud

SoundCloud Alternatives: 11 Best Alternatives to SoundCloud

YungCloud is an amazing alternative to Soundcloud if you are a creator because there is no middleman in between the creators and listeners. YungCloud is a very similar looking website like SoundCloud. There are features like Checking your Stats, Connect with the audience, and upload your own music which is great for Creators.

You can also organize your music library according to your need and requirements on the service if you are a listener and you can share it too. There are some things that users complain about which are Bootlegs and small fan base.

But if we see overall, then YungCloud is a good SoundCloud Alternative in terms of other things. Now, let’s see the features and cons of YungCloud.

Features of YungCloud

  • No Middleman in between the Creators and Listeners
  • Creators can check their stats
  • They can also connect with their audience
  • Organization of Music Library or Feed
  • Sharing Feature is available
  • Free to use

Cons of YungCloud

  • Lots of Bootlegs
  • Small Fan base

Price: Free

Check out: YungCloud

7. Audiomack

SoundCloud Alternatives: 11 Best Alternatives to SoundCloud

Audiomack is another SoundCloud Alternative that is known for Hip-Hop. It is one of the best Soundcloud Alternatives on the planet because the site’s design is very similar to SoundCloud and users can engage with their favorite artists and DJs on this platform by liking their music, and repost them.

Also, it has gained popularity among artists and DJs. One significant advantage of the Audiomack is that it is absolutely free to use, and it provides users unlimited storage, and there is no premium version of Audiomack, unlike the $180 yearly fees which SoundCloud charges to its users.

Also, Audiomack claims to have 5 Million users Monthly visiting their website. Before considering using any of the SoundCloud Alternative you should check out Audiomack. Now, let’s take a look at some of the features and cons of Audiomack.

Features of Audiomack

  • Big Audience
  • Known for Hip-Hop
  • Absolutely free to use
  • Integration with Hype Machine
  • Amazing user interface

Cons of Audiomack

  • No Major Con Noticed

Price: Free

Check Out: Audiomack

8. Orfium

SoundCloud Alternatives: 11 Best Alternatives to SoundCloud

Orfium is another alternative to SoundCloud which is getting popular each day. It is an amazing platform which allows user to directly upload their music track and provides them unlimited free hosting without charging any fees. You can even monetize your music tracks on this platform with your own copyright.

Orfium is also integrated with YouTube Content ID which means you can claim royalty of your music on every video which uploaded with your music which is a great feature and almost no one provides you this feature. Also, there is an 80/20 Contract system which means Orfium charges 20% of your earning and you keep 80% of it.

And also it is completely free to upload your own music without paying any fees, unlike SoundCloud’s yearly fees. Orfium has everything which SoundCloud offers, in fact, they have even more features than SoundCloud. Now, let’s see some of the features and cons of Orfium.

Features of Orfium

  • Completely free to use
  • Monetization also available
  • Integration with YouTube Content ID
  • 80/20 Contract System
  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Similar user interface as SoundCloud

Cons of Orfium

  • No Apps for Mobile Available

Price: Free

Check out: Orfium

9. ReverbNation

SoundCloud Alternatives: 11 Best Alternatives to SoundCloud

ReverbNation is also in the game for a very long time just like SoundCloud. It mostly focuses on helping artists grow by introducing them to music partners and exposing them to their fans and building innovative tools to promote their music. It only focuses on local indie artists and informs users of everything happening in the music scene.

If you are an artist, you should check out this platform as they help artists to grow their fanbase by introducing them to music partners, which is excellent, unlike SoundCloud. It also allows users to discover what they like. There is also one more feature that will enable users to know what is happening near them, whether it is a music show or concert.

The Platform is free as well as there is a premium plan too which starts from $9.95/month. Thre are also apps available for both Android and iOS. Now, let’s take a look at the features and cons of ReverbNation.

Features of ReverbNation

  • Free Version Available
  • Helps local artists to grow their fanbase
  • Has many features including the “Show” feature
  • Available for both Android and iOS.

Cons of ReverbNation

  • Only focuses on Indie Artists

Price: Free and Paid ($9.95/month)

Check out: ReverbNation

10. NoiseTrade

SoundCloud Alternatives: 11 Best Alternatives to SoundCloud

NoiseTrade is a global audio and book distribution platform which allows user to upload their original music on the platform. It was founded in 2008 by Derek Webb and a few other artists. In the platform, anyone can upload their own book or audio for free and share it with everyone on the platform just like SoundCloud.

The main motive of this platform is to help artists to grow their audiences by distributing free music without digital rights management in exchange of email and ZIP Code. Users can also download the music on their local devices like PC, Mobile, etc.

And users also have the option to share their favorite artist’s music on their social media to help them grow. And also, it has the same 80/20 contract in which 20% of money NoiseTrade keeps as a Commission, and you get 80% just like Orfium, which is mentioned above.

Features of NoiseTrade

  • Free to use
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Users can download music to their local devices
  • 80/20 Contract System

Cons of NoiseTrade

  • No Apps available for Mobile Phones
  • Has Ads all over the place

Price: Free

Check out: NoiseTrade

11. Jamendo

SoundCloud Alternatives: 11 Best Alternatives to SoundCloud

It is the last SoundCloud Alternative of this list. Jamendo is a free platform to stream music online. They call themselves “The World’s largest Digital Service for free music”. They release new tracks under the Creative Commons Licenses. It is specifically designed to connect artists and listeners online and bring together a community of Indie Music Lovers from all over the world.

It is the best free streaming service that is available on the internet and it also allows users to discover new independent artists on the site. You can even download your favorite tracks on your local devices which is another great feature.

If you are a creator, then you can easily monetize your music tracks by the Jamendo Licensing, which allows users to buy the records and use them as background tracks in their film, videos, etc. The Licensing starts from $9.99 and goes all the way to $99. Now lastly, let’s talk about its features and cons.

Features of Jamendo

  • Free to use
  • Download options available
  • Monetization also available or Creators
  • Helps users and artists connect online

Cons of Jamendo

  • No Major Con Noticed

Price: Free

Check out: Jamendo

FAQ on Best SoundCloud Alternatives

Q1. Is Audiomack better than SoundCloud?

Yes, Audiomack has no limitations when it comes to uploading your own music. Its the user interface is far better than SoundCloud and it is known for Hip-Hop.

Q2. Is SoundCloud the same as Spotify?

No, they both are different. As Spotify only features the music of Signed and major artists, while SoundCloud features the music of both unsigned and independent artists.

Q3. Do SoundCloud Artists make Money?

Yes, SoundCloud pays artists a revenue share of 55% and keeps the 45% back as a commission.


So, that concludes our list of best SoundCloud Alternatives. I have given all the links of the platforms that are mentioned in this list, so, you can check them out directly from here.

I hope you liked this list, if you did, please share this article with your friends and family so they can also know about these best alternatives to SoundCloud.

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