Top 5 BEST Gadgets under Rs. 500 (2019)

So, in this Article, we are counting down Top 5 Best Gadgets under Rs. 500 of 2019. All the products mention here are available on Amazon. 

5. 8 in 1 Multi Screwdriver Set 

The 8 in 1 Multi Screwdriver Set comes with a Flashlight which is convenient for daily uses. You can use the screwdriver for all household works. It is Foldable and Portable. The Screwdriver is available on Amazon currently at Rs.169.

4. Universal Handlebar

The Universal Handlebar is made of Polycarbonate Plastic. It can hold your Cellphone while your cycling. It can rotate 360 Degrees easily. It is flexible and protects your smartphone. It is available on Amazon currently at Rs.180.

3. Junos Infinity Cube

Junos Infinity Cube helps you to relief Stress. You can Flip And Fold It Constantly To Transformate Different Shapes. It is suitable for all people, no matter what your age is. It is made of Tough ABS Plastic Linked Together With Strong Hard Bearings. It is available on Amazon currently at Rs. 299. 

2. Lapguard LG514 Power Bank

Lapguard LG514 Power bank is an amazing power bank under Rs. 500. It is made in India which is great, it comes with 12 Months Warranty. It has 10400 mAh Power Capacity with 4 LED Indicators displaying battery percentage and charging status. It has a Micro USB Port and 3 USB Ports. It is available on Amazon currently at Rs. 499.

1. Deep Global BS19 Earphones

Deep Global BS19 Earphones are Great Earphones under Rs 500. The Best Thing about these that they are wireless which maybe no company offer in this price range. They are Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to continuous 6 hours playback. They support memory card upto 8GB. And the Transmission range is 10M. They are available on Amazon currently at Rs. 399. 

Aman Kawatra
Aman Kawatra is the Founder of Techish Eagle back in September 2017. He Really Enjoys Gadgets and Electronics.

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